Since early March, we are delivering, in person, medical supplies (cancer treatment, antidotes and other critically needed medicine) to an ever-growing network of hospitals across the country.


Every 2 weeks, our NGO is present on the ground, to coordinate the delivery of the medical supplies with the hospitals, creating strong ties with key institutions like the National Cancer Institute in Kyiv, with whom we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on May 3rd.

All those missions are fully supported by the Embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands, as well as the authorities in Ukrain (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Health and Ministrz of Reintegration). 


So far...

  • Network of 35 hospitals across the country (mainly in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Mikolaev, Rivne, Dnipro and Zaporizhizha)

  • 43 tons of medical supplies personally delivered in Ukraine

  • Value of 493,000 EUR 

  • 70,000 antidotes against chemical attack

Current projects in Ukraine



We have always had children close to our heart, be it in the orphanages in Kenya, Morocco or Nepal, or in the schools we have built in Africa.


During our regular visits in Ukraine, we see the atrocities the Ukrainian children have to witness and go through. This is why we have strengthened our collaboration with and support of the Ohmatdyt hospital in Kyiv, the largest Children's Hospital in Eastern Europe.


Through them we have been able to liaise with maternities across the country where we send medical supplies, baby food and other items critically needed by these young patients.


As soon as we heard about the escalation of the situation in February 2022, we arranged for a large shipment of food to reach the Polish border to help the refugees on the spot.


Later on, some stock of food has reached the people who still remained in Mariupol just days before the city's full-scale siege started.


We are now working on getting food donations delivered to the eastern parts of the country, where food is critically lacking.



Together with our first shipment of food, our NGO has also organised the expatriation of more than 50 refugees from Ukraine to the Netherlands (through the Polish and Romanian borders).


Once arrived in Amsterdam, we have supported them with the registration with the local authorities in NL, arranged guaranteed mid-term lodging for the coming months, daily English lessons and weekly medical checks.

We are proud to say that we have now found a new home for all those great families and assisted them in their search for education and work.

One of the most urgent needs many of our contacts on the ground ask from us is to provide ambulances.

There are many wounded to transport to hospitals, patients to transfer to safer places or people to evacuate from the shelled areas. And ambulances are critically lacking

We have secured 6 ambulances from the UK, ready to be driven to Ukraine. And we can get them at a discounted price. 


Help us to help them! 


Support us with a donation

Hospitals we visit all tell us how much they lack medicine, from the simple bandages and generic medicine to the more specific cancer treatments.

We have managed to get trusted requests of medical supplies directly from the hospitals and validated by the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Defense in Ukraine.


And as always, we guarantee that every EUR/USD donated for medicine to is fully used to meet the needs of those hospitals.


Help us get more medicine

After 2 months of focus on the refugees we have helped flee Ukraine in March, we are very happy to know that they are all well-settled and safe in the Netherlands.


We are working with the Ministry of Reintegration in Ukraine, to provide the basic needs in clothes, hygiene items, shoes... to the refugees who have managed to be evacuated from the war zones to other cities in Ukraine.

Help us distribute clothes

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Reports on the ground

Reports on the ground

Reports on the ground
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14.04.2022 - Report on ICTV - #1 National Ukrainian TV news

14.04.2022 - Report on ICTV - #1 National Ukrainian TV news

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21.05.2022 - Apostrophe TV

21.05.2022 - Apostrophe TV

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14.05.2022 - TV Report - Mariupol

14.05.2022 - TV Report - Mariupol

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Reports on the ground


Katja (Kharkiv)

Thank you so much for saving us ! After living 3 days in a bunker with no food, we travelled for days to the border, where you saved us. Our prayers are with my husband and grandmother who stayed in our damaged house.


Anna (Lutsk)

Hello Mariam, Ruslan now has his cancer medicine delivered to him from you!!! (...) He is safe! He and his family are very happy! They say how much they are grateful to you!!!


Masha (Dnipro)

Mariam, for those 2 months you have become our family, our guardian angels! Many thanks to everyone for everything you do for us, for your kind hearts.



 Samuel & Mariam have founded Orphans Feeding Foundation after their first trip to an orphanage in Luanda, Western Kenya, in 2011.

There Mariam was providing classes to the children while Samuel was building the foundations of a new school on an empty field.

They were so shocked by the corruption and lack of access to basic food that upon their return, they decided to set up the foundation to support the community as best they could.

Shortly after the foundation was supporting 3 orphanages in the region with daily food programs, a fully built school and regular medical checks.

Since then their fight for fairness and support of the vulnerable continued to grow with initiatives across the globe.