About Us

Our foundation

OFF | Orphans Feeding Foundation was founded in 2011 in the Netherlands by Mariam and Samuel Lambert. Initially focusing on charity projects in Kenya supporting orphanages, the foundation has since built schools, provided food and medical supplies on various continents. OFF’s fight for fairness and support of the vulnerable continues to grow with initiatives across the globe, supporting children in Nepal, Morocco, Tanzania, Romania, Belgium, the Netherlands and recently Ukraine.

Meet the Team

Mariam Lambert

Co-founder and director of operations

Samuel Lambert

Co-founder and chairman of the Supervisory Board

Axel van Lamsweerde

Board member

Veronika Vichova

Board member


Our team can rely on the expertise of key resources:

  • Robert Koumans (online presence, A/V consulting, media, events)


Orphans Feeding Foundation relies on a strong network of hundreds of volunteers worldwide. Those invisible heroes are the ones who coordinate the logistics, sort out donations, and deliver medicine or food to the vulnerable populations. We would definitely not be able to achieve half of our projects without such a strong basis.

The board team is actively working towards providing this team of volunteers with the means to complete the projects efficiently.

The OFF Code Of Ethics sets out principles and guidelines that uphold the core values that guide our actions and decisions, including transparency, integrity and respect.