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Current projects in Ukraine

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In the early days of the full scale invasion, we gained the trust of the Ukrainian authorities who granted our NGO a green pass as official Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine.

In September 2022, we have been touched by the amazing recognition by none other than the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament ) who delivered the honorary
Medal of Merit for our co-founder Mariam Lambert (Ait-Hassou) and the work of our NGO for Ukraine in the past 7 months.

Shortly after, we have had the surprise to receive the
Medal of Honor from the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces for supporting Ukraine with humanitarian and medical aid in the newly liberated Ukrainian territories.


Since early March, we are delivering, in person, medical supplies (cancer treatment, antidotes and other critically needed medicine) to an ever-growing network of hospitals across the country.


Every 2 weeks, our NGO is present on the ground, to coordinate the delivery of the medical supplies with the hospitals, creating strong ties with key institutions like the Ukrainian Oncology Committee.

All those missions wouldn't be possible without the continuous full support from the Embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands, as well as the authorities in Ukraine (members of the parliament, Ministry of Health...) and of course our numerous partners and volunteers on the ground. 



We have always had children close to our heart, be it in the orphanages in Kenya, Morocco or Nepal, or in the schools we have built in Africa.


During our regular visits in Ukraine, we see the atrocities the Ukrainian children have to witness and go through. This is why we have strengthened our collaboration with and support of the Ohmatdyt hospital in Kyiv, the largest Children's Hospital in Eastern Europe.


Through them we have been able to liaise with maternities across the country where we send medical supplies, baby food and other items critically needed by these young patients.


As soon as we heard about the escalation of the situation in February 2022, we arranged for a large shipment of food to reach the Polish border to help the refugees on the spot.


Later on, some stock of food has reached the people who still remained in Mariupol just days before the city's full-scale siege started.


We are now working on getting food donations delivered to the eastern parts of the country, where food is critically lacking. Thanks to our new partnership with the international organisation World Central Kitchen, we have now arranged for hundreds of meals to be distributed to small villages close to the front line. And when the logistics are too difficult, we go ourselves to the local supermarkets to deliver meals (and basic hygiene items) to the victims of the war on the front line. 



Together with our first shipment of food, our NGO has also organised the expatriation of more than 50 refugees from Ukraine to the Netherlands (through the Polish and Romanian borders).


Once arrived in Amsterdam, we have supported them with the registration with the local authorities in NL, arranged guaranteed mid-term lodging for the coming months, daily English lessons and weekly medical checks.

We are proud to say that we have now found a new home for all those great families and assisted them in their search for education and work.