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Delivery of medical supplies

Since February 2022, Orphans Feeding Foundation has delivered medicine, cancer treatments and medical equipment to 80+ hospitals and oncology centers across Ukraine. Here the delivery of neo-natal incubators in Zaporizhzhia

Donate for medicine. Mention Medicine


Provide emergency relief

Being on ground, we are able to provide direct emergency humanitarian aid to the local communities, with food, hygiene products and clothes, as it was the case in August when we helped civilians in Kharkiv the day after the missile strikes.

Donate for direct relief. Mention Emergency


Deliver winter items

As the winter temperature dropping to -15C, thousands of civilians are left with no roof, windows, electricity or gas. We collect and purchase winter clothes, and generators and distribute them to the newly liberated villages at the front line. Here in Bakhmut. 

Donate for winter items. Mention Winter


Support children of the war

The UN estimate that the war has pushed 4 million children into poverty and thousands have lost their parents to the constant shelling. We support many orphanages and children's hospitals. Here with a boy who saw his mother die in his arms. 

Donate for children. Mention Children


How much would you like to donate?

Please indicate Medicine / Emergency / Winter / Children in the payment description

For any other amount, and to avoid any additional transfer fee, please use the following bank details:

Beneficiary: Orphans Feeding Foundation

IBAN: NL62 BUNQ 2084 2292 19

Description: Medicine / Emergency / Winter / Children

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Orphans Feeding Foundation is recognised as a public benefit organisation (ANBI) by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastigdienst) since March 1st, 2022.

Thanks to this ANBI status, your donation can be tax deductible.


KvK: 53239032 | RSIN: 850805442 | VAT: NL850805442B01

Orphans Feeding Foundation is a certified PayPal charity,  and a member of the PayPal Giving Fund program.

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