€33 could provide a rucksack full of toys, books and drawing pens for repatriated children.

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€90 could cover the psychologist’s fee for a day of work with a reunited family in need.

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€814 could cover the evacuation of 100 Ukrainian civilians from the front line villages.

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DONATE €3374

€3374 could cover all the costs for one child to be repatriated from Russia or occupied territories.

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Every penny donated makes a positive difference, whether €5 or €10,000. Please donate whatever you are able to!

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Currencies are automatically converted in the resulting Stripe donation pages.

How you can help

All the humanitarian supplies as well as our activities, in particular for the BRING KIDS BACK UA project, and all our operations on the ground require a lot of man hours, logistics and therefore funding. Be part of the change and support us as you wish/can. There is no donation too small. Every little help is welcome!

There is also the possibility to donate in kind, like clothes, toys and books for children. We arrange local collection and distribute them to the local communities or send them to our orphanages. Of course, any donation will be duly registered and you will always be notified which purpose we put it towards.
For large donors we are happy to discuss with you the specific allocation of your donation. Contact us to talk!
We are always happy to receive suggestions as to which project you would like us to use your donations for. So don’t hesitate to let us know your preference!

We use STRIPE for easy donation.
We provide a donation receipt upon request.

Orphans Feeding Foundation
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Orphans Feeding Foundation is an NGO registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

KvK: 53239032
RSIN: 850805442
VAT: NL850805442B01

Orphans Feeding Foundation has been recognised as a public benefit organisation (ANBI) by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) since March 1st, 2022.

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