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All our activities, with focus presently on the BRING KIDS BACK UA project, and the operations on the ground require quite a lot of man hours, logistics and therefore funding. This includes a series of promotional videos with goodwill ambassadors / celebrities that will be created, highlighting the personal stories of repatriated children.

Be part of the change and support us as you wish/can. There is no donation too small. Every little help is always welcome!

For large donors we are happy to discuss with you the specific allocation of your donation. Contact us to talk!

To donate directly to our “BringKidsBackUA” fund, click here.


We aim to raise at least € 1 million to cover costs for: 

  • Identifying the missing children and verifying their locations
  • Organising visits with government and institutions leaders
  • Setting up the rehabilitation camps (€ 75,000 per camp)
  • Producing and publishing the international awareness
  • media campaign (materials, audio-video content, broadcasting & social media, organising fundraising concerts)

You can help our projects by donating money of course, which we will use for a particular good cause, from our daily food programme to medical checks, refugee support and school construction.

There is also the possibility to donate clothes, toys and books for children. We arrange local collection and distribute them to the local communities or send them to our orphanages. Of course, any donation will be duly registered and you will always be notified which purpose we put it towards.

We are always happy to receive suggestions as to which project you would like us to use your donations for. So don’t hesitate to let us know your preference.

Orphans Feeding Foundation
IBAN: NL49 BUNQ 2068 9570 94
Direct link: https://bunq.me/OrphansFeeding
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Orphans Feeding Foundation is a certified PayPal charity, and a member of the PayPal Giving Fund program.​
Established in 2011, this program uses PayPal technology and financial support to raise funds for causes, without charging donors or charities for its services.​
Headquartered in Washington, D.C., it generates more than USD 200 million in donations every year for over 60,000 charities. Some of the largest partner websites include Airbnb, eBay for Charity, Facebook or GoFundMe.

Payment address: info@orphans-feeding-foundation.org

NGO registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

KvK: 53239032
RSIN: 850805442
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Orphans Feeding Foundation
IBAN: NL49 BUNQ 2068 9570 94
Direct link: https://bunq.me/OrphansFeeding

Orphans Feeding Foundation has been recognised as a public benefit organisation (ANBI) by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) since March 1st, 2022.

Thanks to this ANBI status, your donation can be tax deductible.

Your donation is deductible from the income tax if it is more than 1% of your (and your possible partner’s) income and less than 10% of a joint income.

In a BV you may deduct a maximum of € 100,000 from the profit. But no more than half of the profit.

If you donate your goods or deliver your work with a discount because of the charity, you can also deduct its value from the tax. So if you donate a car or a generator, you may also deduct its value according to the above rules.

For more info: belastingdienst.nl