Interview Mariam Lambert at ZDF “Das Jahr 2023”

On December 13th, Mariam Lambert was invited to speak at the prestigious annual retrospective TV show in Germany, ZDF’s “Das Jahr 2023”. The renowned host Markus Lanz reflected back on a year of challenges together with his esteemed guests, including the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, the film director Edward Berger (multi-award winner for “All Quiet on the Western Front”) and Olivia Kortas, the Kyiv correspondent for Die Zeit.

After viewing a documentary on the deportation of Ukrainian children including footage of one of the returns operated by Orphans Feeding Foundation, Mariam passionately spoke about the foundation’s vital mission to reunite deported children of Ukraine with their families and take care of them back home.

She was (remotely) accompanied by Veronika, one of the repatriated children, who shared details on her tragic experience. Their powerful message shed light on the immense challenges these children face and the urgent need for our collective support.