‘Living the War’ – Volume 2

We are extremely proud to have met with Volodymyr Kadygrob and Mykhailo Smetana, in Kyiv, respectively the publisher and the art director of ‘Living the War’, a book series dedicated to documenting life during the Russia–Ukraine war.

As part of the awareness phase of the #BringKidsBackUA programme, Orphans Feeding Foundation is honored to help make this project possible so the reality about the war is known to all.

The Kyiv team is currently working on the 2nd volume, focusing on the lives and experiences of children who have endured the harsh realities of war: deportation, physical and psychological trauma resulting from armed aggression, internally displacing, or becoming refugees.

The first volume, ‘Kyiv During The Russian War Against Ukraine’, was published in November, 2022. It explores the war through the experience of 12 eye-witnesses from the capital during Russiaʼs attempt to capture it.

This book is already in the hands of the greatest leaders supporting Ukraine. To name a few, the Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin or the Ukrainian Nobel laureate Olexandra Matviychuk.

More to follow, stay tuned!