Mariam Lambert at ICMP 19-06-2024

Mariam Lambert Joins International Commission on Missing Persons – ICMP Roundtable on Missing Ukrainian Children in The Hague.
The June 19 event brought together government officials, lawyers, NGOs, and civil society representatives to discuss strategies for locating Ukrainian persons deported to Russia.
On behalf of OFF, Mariam emphasized that the return of deported children is a complex process that cannot be handled by the government, NGOs, or lawyers alone. To successfully bring these children back, we must work collaboratively and involve 3rd parties, as international law is ineffective in negotiations with the Russian Federation.
She also highlighted the need to unite efforts and evacuate as many people as possible from frontline cities and villages, as this prevents the deportation of children and adults by Russia. Since we cannot stop deportations entirely, we must do everything in our power to prevent them.