How we support vulnerable communities, with focus on orphans and children

Our mission is to support orphans and vulnerable people globally. We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to learn and grow equally, regardless of their background, family situation or geopolitical environment. We strive to provide access to food, education and medicine to the children and vulnerable people in the regions we work.

We make a point of running our activities in person, as we believe everyone deserves attention and support, even in the most remote or difficult areas.

Our main objectives are to support orphans and vulnerable children with regard to education, nutrition and health. By extrapolation, it also supports the right for basic healthcare for vulnerable populations and the fight against poverty and injustice in general. We help communities fight poverty as well as corruption, and we offer volunteers and donors a chance to contribute for the greater good without all the administrative (and financial) overhead. Whatever is donated benefits directly the children and vulnerable people that our various projects support.

We base our activities on 5 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Mariam Lambert, co-founder of Orphans Feeding Foundation


Bring Kids Back UA

Ukraine's stolen children

Orphans Feeding Foundation is working with the Ombudsman of Ukraine and the Presidential Office of Ukraine to find and return those children, as well as increase awareness on the topic, so that those crimes are recognised by international institutions and brought to justice at the International Criminal Court soon.

Emergency Humanitarian Aid

Medical supplies, food, clothes for emergency relief

As soon as a crisis arises, be it an armed conflict or a natural disaster, the local populations are always the ones in dire need for emergency humanitarian aid. Thanks to our global network, we are able to raise funds, coordinate the delivery of food, clothes or medicine, and even help evacuate victims whose situation is no longer safe.

Daily Food Program

Providing food on a daily basis

Since our intervention in Western Kenya in December 2010, our foundation provides daily food to 3 orphanages of the region.

It is a great pride for us to see children eat food that we consider as basic for us (e.g. rice, fruits…) and not have to work in fields to raise the minimum wages to help feed their vulnerable parents.

Ebulonga Academy

Building a school for the community

Our first ever project in 2010, and the very reason we created Orphans Feeding Foundation. In December 2010, Mariam and Samuel visited the Ebulonga community in Western Kenya. There we have coordinated the local help to build a new school up from the ground. We are happy to say that we have now built 4 classrooms where the 92 children from the community are able to follow courses provided by volunteer teachers.

Zanzibar Hospitality School

Hospitality School construction

In July 2021, our foundation visited several schools and orphanages in the Zanzibar. Thanks to our local network, we have liaised with the resort Le Mersenne to work on the construction of a hospitality school on the East coast.

The goal of this school is to provide high end education in the various hospitality careers, to young Tanzanians who wouldn’t have had the opportunity to attend such school. We aim to give them a chance in life, with strong skills that they can apply directly in contact of experienced staff of the Le Mersenne resort.

Viva For Life

Running to fight poverty

In December 2020, in the middle of the Covid crisis hitting Europe and the world, Mariam has raised €4,379 by running 144km, symbolising the distance between The Hague (our headquarters) and Brussels, where the RTBF is organising a week-long operation to raise awareness and money for the children living under the poverty level in Belgium.

Her (surprise) appearance and interview on national television helped the event break their fundraising record – see the report of her intervention. Her action as definitely not gone unnoticed!