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We take pride in being as transparent as possible, from the selection of projects to the use of donations and delivery of goods/services to the population in need. For this, we follow the following policies.  

Policy Plan

Orphans Feeding Foundation focuses on a number of programmes:

  • Support orphanages and centers for vulnerable people by providing nutrition, education and healthcare

  • Support communities in vulnerable situations, caused by human or natural disasters


For any of our programmes, our foundation uses the following policy as a guideline when it comes to goods made available to us by a donor:


  • We first identify the exact needs of the beneficiaries of said programme (orphans and vulnerable people affected by a crisis situation), ensuring that only the types of supplies and the necessary required are requested.

  • We then select the corresponding goods and arrange the logistics to deliver them to the beneficiaries, covering the coordination end-to-end.

  • Finally we collect delivery notes and thank you letters to inform the donors accordingly.


For projects requiring the financing of the construction of buildings or other local activities, we use local contractors to shorten the supply chain and support the local economy.


To prevent a programme from possibly becoming irrelevant or inefficient, all projects are reviewed annually. During this review phase, the board validates the good use of goods supplied or finances invested in local contractors.


The foundation seeks and has partnerships with international and local organizations as well as local authorities and local media to extend the network and strengthen the efficiency and visibility of our programmes.


The goal of our programmes is to build sustainable systems, be it in an end-to-end delivery of medical supplies, daily food programmes or running of a school we have built. Until that moment has been reached, we will continue to provide aid to the vulnerable community these programmes support.


Donations come in 2 forms:

  • Medical supplies provided by pharmaceutical companies, mainly for free

  • Cash sent to our bank account, in various ways (bank transfer, PayPal, fundraising…) oftentimes with a wish from the donor to be used for a specific programme.


To date, none of the board members have received any salary from their work for the foundation. All the money received from donations and fundraising is used entirely for the programmes, either on mission costs or on purchase of supplies or equipment required to run those programmes.

Privacy Policy

Orphans Feeding Foundation does not share, rent, sell, trade, share or otherwise disclose donor information to any third party. Similarly, Orphans Feeding Foundation also has a policy of not contacting donors on behalf of other organizations.

Secure Payments

All payments done through Orphans Feeding Foundation’s website and its hosting company, Wix (be it via credit card payment, bank transfer or Paypal donation) are fully secured and none of the personal data entered during the payments are used for other goals.


Orphans Feeding Foundation collects information in two ways:

  1. Information you provide online: By donating to Orphans Feeding Foundation, the information you provide might only be used to send you regular communications, if you elect to receive them.

  2. Information Orphans Feeding Foundation collects: Orphans Feeding Foundation uses Google Analytics and Google AdWords conversion tracking to assess its website’s performance and content. This involves the use of “cookies,” or simple text files stored by a visitor’s web browser, to collect anonymous data about visitors to and usage of Orphans Feeding Foundation’s website. This information, which is not associated with a visitor’s personal identity, includes pages viewed, date and time of visit, browser/technology type, donation revenue, conversion rate, geographic region, and marketing attributes as defined by Google.


Questions, comments, or concerns?

If, at any time, you have questions or would like to review, correct, or remove your personal information collected by Orphans Feeding Foundation, please contact us via email or telephone and a member of the team will be happy to assist you.

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