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Ebulonga Academy


The Ebulonga orphanage is located on the Equator, in Western Kenya, just a few kilometers from Rwanda. Gaulkey and Martha Kweya have been running the orphanage for vulnerable children of the region of Luanda for several years when we came to build a new school with 4 large classrooms to accommodate their voluntary teachers. The school was completed in 2012, providing lessons in English, Swahili and Maths, as well as a daily meal to the 72 children of the orphanage [...]


Daily Food Programme



The Daily Food programme has been started in 2011. It now supports 3 orphanages in Western Kenya: Ebulonga, Ilungu and Green Support.

Thanks to our donors community and our partnerships with local food suppliers, we provide a daily meal and fruits to 192 children.

It was a blessing to see the smiles on the children's faces the first time they tasted the delicious local desert: the Mandazi [...]


Medical Support


We have partnered with the local authorities in Western Kenya to arrange for doctors to run a full medical check of all the children of the Ebulonga orphanage each year.

Most children has only minor issues, while a handful were brought to the hospital for more serious diseases. In such cases, the foundation helped support the costs of hospitalisation and care.

We hope this has helped identify health issues at an early enough stage to avoid complications for most of the children.





We have raised 4,379€ and appeared on national television, to support the cause of Viva For Life, the Belgian charity event that helps local associations and vulnerable children and families under the poverty level across Belgium [...]


Hospitality School 

[Zanzibar, Tanzania]

Our new project will see a new school of hospitality and catering be built and run in the eastern shores of Zanzibar, Tanzania.

The vulnerable children of the region will be given a chance to learn various skills of the catering industry, and apply them on-site in a well established resort.

Tourism being the main driver of the island, this will provide a bright future for those children and their families. 


Ukraine aid


Since the beginning of the war, we have been in direct contact with people on the ground, healthcare professionals and civilians all over Ukraine.

We are coordinating the delivery of food and medical supplies to several sites in Ukraine, especially close to the front line.

We are also supporting refugees, helping them evacuate and find shelter in the Netherlands.

More info [here]

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