A race against time

This article gives an overview of the status of Ukraine’s “Bring Kids Back UA” action program.
In June 2024, Ukraine held, together with the Swiss government, a peace summit in Geneva. President Zelensky’s Peace Formula that lays grounds for this high-level conference, specifically lists “Release of prisoners and deported persons,” including children, as its priority.
Rescue missions – although still operated on a case-by-case basis – have become more structured and consistent, with multiple stakeholders – including the Ukrainian government and its foreign partners, Ukrainian and foreign NGOs, journalists and volunteers, among others – involved.
And arguably, the international spotlight did force Moscow to make several ‘gestures of goodwill’ and release, for instance, Bohdan Yermokhin and Veronika Vlasova, after their cases were given too high of a profile, thus becoming a PR liability for the Kremlin.

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