Repatriation of Forcibly Displaced Ukrainian Children


Help Us Bring Ukrainian Children Back Home

Since the beginning of the full-scale military invasion by Russia in February 2022, 19,546 Ukrainian children have been illegally displaced, according to Ukrainian authorities. Additionally, 2,008 children are missing, and 551 have tragically lost their lives due to the ongoing war. These forcible transfers during an armed conflict constitute a war crime under international law.

What We’re Doing

Our dedicated team is on the ground in both Ukraine and Russia every day, working tirelessly to prevent further abductions. So far, since the full-scale invasion, over 34,500 Ukrainian civilians have been evacuated, including 3,660 children (more about Evacuations from Frontline Villages). This includes 435 children from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.
Unfortunately, the forcible transfers continue, and we uncover new cases of Ukrainian children being adopted by Russian families daily.

Our efforts, along with our partners, have successfully reunited so far 12 forcibly deported children. These children were separated from their parents or legal guardians, who desperately sought to reunite with them after they were abducted and adopted by Russian orphanages and families.

Time is of the Essence

Every day counts. More children are being abducted, transferred to Russian orphanages, and having their identities changed so they can be adopted by Russian families through the new fast-track adoption process. We need your help to stop this.


How You Can Help


If you have any information about missing or possibly abducted children, please fill out this form. One of our agents will contact you to gather as much information as possible to help our investigators retrace the child’s location and begin the legal process for repatriation. Your information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality to ensure the safety of both your family and our team.



Your donations can make a huge difference. Funds are needed for the continued efforts of evacuation, legal processes for repatriation, and support for the affected families. Please consider making a donation today.



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