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Slava Sundays - Presskit

The new series of benefit concerts by Orphans Feeding Foundation brings internationally renowned artists to iconic venues of the Netherlands in order to raise awareness and funds for our regular humanitarian missions in Ukraine. To match the tragedy of the events tearing our Ukrainian friends, we create highly emotional benefit concerts with a unique vibe, thanks to tailored shows by A-class artists and prestigious partner venues.



As we witness every time we drive around Ukraine for our humanitarian deliveries to the front-line, music plays a key role in this conflict. It gives the Ukrainians strength of course, but it is also a great means to raise awareness about the tragic situation those civilians find themselves.

Slava Sundays make use of tailored shows by international artists who show their support to Ukraine by giving a truly unique experience to the guests in the audience and online.


Orphans Feeding Foundation has teamed up with some of the most prestigious venues in the Netherlands, in order to offer a privileged experience to the audience.

The artists have the opportunity to perform in listed monuments and landmark concert venues in the heart of the international cities of Amsterdam and The Hague:

. Waldorf Astoria (Amsterdam)

. Paradiso (Amsterdam)

. Melkweg (Amsterdam)

. Hotel des Indes (The Hague)



For the Slava Sundays concerts, we select a wide range of artists from various genres and nationalities, in order to appeal to as many people as possible.

Starting with classical music ensembles in 2022, we are now opening up to multi genres, with internationally renowned Jazz bands, Blues musicians or electronic artists who want to support our initiatives and offer the audience a uniquely curated show.


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Our partners NoTV is at the forefront of events production and streaming. Co-producers of international festivals like the Jazz Sea Festival, their unique platform enables us to offer both worldwide live streaming and on-demand viewing of all our events at the highest possible quality in the market.

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