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Humanitarian aid to Ukraine

As soon as the crisis in Ukraine escalated in February, we have activated our network to raise funds, coordinate expatriation of refugees and provide medical/food supplies to hospitals and orphanages in Ukraine.

Thanks to the great support of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands and members of the Ukrainian parliament, we have been able to react fast and coordinate work on the ground within days to support the healthcare system. Our support and our international and local network have not stopped growing since.

Follow the status of our operations on Twitter: @Orphans_Feeding

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Medical supplies

Thanks to our contacts in the European procurement network and other large medicine suppliers in e.g. Germany, France, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA, we are continuously delivering trucks full of dozens of tons of medical supplies to hospitals and maternities all over Ukraine, from basic items such as bandages and first aid kits, to cancer treatments and other specific medicine.

This wouldn't be possible without the full support of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands, the Ukrainian Parliament and the Ministry of Health in Ukraine.

We are also very proud to have strengthened our collaboration with 2 main institutions: the Ohmatdyt hospital, the largest children's hospital in Eastern Europe and the National Association of Ukrainian Oncologists.


Testimonial from Anna (Lutsk) - March 16th

"Hello Mariam, Ruslan have his cancer medicine delivered to him from you!!! (...) They are safe! He and his family are very happy! They say you grateful!!!"


Refugees expatriation


An estimated 7 million Ukrainians have fled the country since February 2022.

We are working directly with the Embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands, local associations as well as hotels like the Marriott in Amsterdam, and have managed to arrange for more than 50 Ukrainian refugees to travel to Amsterdam, be registered with the GGD (Dutch national healthcare institution) and the municipality, and receive lodging and food for 2 months while they either settle or wait for a return to their country.

We are now very happy to announce that we have found housing for all those 17 families, with schooling for the children and some confirmed jobs for the adults.


Other initiatives took place in other parts of the country, where we helped several families flee Ukraine through Romania and the north-east of Ukraine.

Testimonial from Katja (Karkhiv) - March 15th

"Thank you so much for saving us ! After living 3 days in a bunker with no food, we travelled for days to the border, where you saved us. Our prayers are with my husband and grandmother who stayed in our damaged house."

Follow up - teaching/medical

As with everything we do in the foundation, our goal is to help the children and vulnerable in a sustainable way.

This is why we have made sure the refugees we have helped reach Holland receive daily English lessons by a rotation of volunteering teachers and are checked by our volunteer doctor on a weekly basis.


Food supplies to orphanages and refugee camps

We are honoured to have an official partnership with World Central Kitchen, who deliver millions of daily meals to refugees in various countries. In Ukraine, they ensure that hundreds of thousands of refugees have the minimum food to survive in these terrible times.

Earlier in the conflict, we have liaised with the management of Jumbo, the large supermarket chains in the Netherlands in order to deliver very large quantities of basic food and medication to the refugee camps around Przemsyl (Poland-Ukraine border) and in Mariupol, just before the city got besieged.

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