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Winter is Coming

With the escalation of the hostilities in February, and the destruction of most of the infrastructure in the Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine, millions of civilians are bracing ahead of the cold months to come.

We have now launched a new project to provide them with the necessary support: Winter is Coming.

Assessment of the situation

Through our regular missions, especially those around the continuously shelled Kharkiv, we have seen the tragic damages done to residential areas, leaving local communities without a roof or access to basic needs such as water or electricity.


When on the ground, we have been able to liaise with the local associations of victims, identify the most critical needs (mainly food and basic hygiene products) and purchase and deliver those to the victims the day after the attacks.


But much needs to be done for them to survive the approaching winter. Many are still living in shelters. And for those who still have a house, many are left without windows or damaged infrastructure.


Coallition of NGOs

In view of the cold months to come, we have reached out to our network of partners on the ground to collect all their most critical needs to provide support to the Ukrainians.

20+ NGOs from Ukraine, Europe and North America have provided us with a list of items they need for their infrastructure, medical, food or transport projects.

Read more about our project proposal to the authorities across Europe here.

Local collection of items

We have put in place various collection points in the Netherlands for people to donate (or buy-and-donate) winter items we can then deliver to the Ukrainians near the front line.

Contact us at to find the nearest collection point.

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